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Thiqah, but no Courtesy?

"Salam. Effy. Bole belikan Vitacid tak kat Farmasi? Nak cepat tau. Kalau dah beli nanti miskol, jumpa kat bawah."

I looked at my watch. It was almost 5 p.m. That means Maghrib is just around the corner. No wonder this friend of mine asked me to buy her some Vitamin C, since it's kinda odd or not too safe for a girl to be going out by herself at times like this. At least here in Cairo. So i thought, naah. Why not...

So after buying the Vit C she wanted from a pharmacy nearby, i gave her a call telling that i'll be waiting at the groundfloor to pass that thing she asked me to buy. 2 minutes after, she came down from the girl's building and came to me. But the most unacceptable thing happened. After paying me for the Vit C, guess what.. She just walked away.. and yes, without even looking at my face, let alone say thank you!


Back when i was in Matriculation Center of IIUM, PJ, we had this amazing English lecturer.. But she's not a muslim though.. She's Sikh. There was this girl from my class, whose essay paper hadn't been marked yet. So our lecturer asked me to mark her paper n find any grammatical errors for her. Sitting like 10 meters away from me, she just handed her paper to the person next to her and asked that person to pass her paper to me.

"No no. Give that paper back to her. I want her to personally hand over that paper to Effy. You are asking him for help, aren't you?" my lecturer said.

So she stood up, come over to where i sat, and handed over her paper to me with rolling eyes! And guess what... She didn't even look at my face too! Let alone say 'please' or 'thank you'.


What do these two people have in common? I'd say that they both are religious n pious.. That Vit C gal is studying in Al-Azhar University and that eyes-roller gal graduated from Darul Quran JAKIM..

But until now, i'm still wondering.. Does Islam encourage you to be that thiqah? Too thiqah that you don't even have the courtesy to say 'thank you' or at least smile at people from whom u asked help?


Back in 2001.. when i was in form 3 in Sek Men Agama Kerajaan Johor.. We were decorating our class for some function (i forgot what function it was) when i accidentally touched one of my classmates' hand (and of course, she's a she).. After saying sorry and telling her that that was totally an accident, i continued my work.. Until the girls in my class gathered around and looked at me, saying, "Kau la ni Effy punya pasal.."

I was shocked. "Kenapa ni?" i asked.

"Ko terpegang tangan dia kan tadi. Kan dia dah menangis."

I was like, "Laa,bukannye sengaja.. Kenapa pulak nak nangis.."

And guess what.. 5 years later, i saw her in taking picture with a boy side by side touching legs after playing bowling together!

Can u imagine that???!?


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